Dental Let Us Know Program

We are here to help you engage members in their dental care.

How can you let us know about any issues or barriers to dental care our members may experience?

Fax the Member Intervention Request form (PDF) to 1-866-208-8145 to request interventions for:

  • Inappropriate use of the ER for dental issues
  • Inappropriate and/or disruptive behavior
  • Non-compliance with dental office policies/procedures
  • Limited or no knowledge of dental benefits
  • Not showing up for appointments or follow-up care
  • Other issues

The Dental Let Us Know program will work in conjunction with our other departments, which may be accessed through these numbers:

  • Integrated Health Care Management, 1-877-693-8271, option 2
  • Special Needs Unit, 1-800-684-5503
  • Bright Start® (maternity program), 1-877-364-6797

View or print our Dental Let Us Know program flyer (PDF).