Outpatient Laboratory Services

When an AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania patient requires outpatient lab tests or processing of lab specimens, you have the following choices:

  • Send them to Labcorp.
  • Send them to Quest Diagnostics.
  • Utilize any AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania participating laboratory, or participating hospital outpatient laboratory.

As a reminder, AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania member ID cards no longer indicate a specific lab to use.

  • The Plan highly recommends that pre-admission laboratory testing be completed by the primary care physician. However, testing can be completed at the hospital where the procedure will take place and does not require a referral from AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania.
  • STAT labs must only be utilized for urgent problems. The ordering physician may give the member a prescription form or Plan procedure confirmation form to present to the participating facility.

For a listing of Patient Service Centers, please contact AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania’s Provider Services department at 1‑800‑521‑6007 or visit: