Community Health Navigators

The core of AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania's success is its mission. We help people get care, stay well, and build healthy communities. We have a special concern for those who are poor.

In addition to providing access to quality health care for its members, AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania participates in neighborhood functions and community outreach events, which makes a difference in the areas where our members live.

AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania has a team of associates called Community Health Navigators. Our navigators live and work in the communities we serve, so they understand our members’ needs. They work with other groups to address health and social issues by conducting educational community outreach events.

Community outreach events are held at local community organizations and places of worship to educate our members and stress the importance of early detection, preventive care, healthy behaviors, and overall personal health awareness.

Find out more about our health education programs (PDF).

AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania also offers signature member outreach programs including:

  • Bright Start® maternity program.
  • Childhood obesity initiative.
  • Children’s Art Program.
  • Community Gardens.
  • Healthy Hoops®.
  • Moms2B Baby Showers.

Find out more about our community health programs.

Health Education Advisory Committee (HEAC)

HEAC helps strengthen and promote community trust and acts as a “goodwill ambassador” for our members. This group consists of providers, community advocates, and AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania members. HEAC committee members understand and appreciate our mission of helping our members get care and stay well while building healthy communities in which they live. 

If you are interested in attending a HEAC meeting or joining our committee, please contact a Community Health Navigator in your county.

Contact a Community Health Navigator

Community Outreach Solutions (COS) team

Some of our most vulnerable members may be difficult to reach. Our COS associates are our “feet on the street.” Our dedicated team conducts home visits to help our members schedule their office visits for preventive care and other important screenings. If members need transportation or may be facing other barriers to accessing care, our COS team can assist them to help ensure they are seen by their health care providers.

Use the Let Us Know program to partner with AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania to better serve and manage the health care needs of our members—your patients. This program helps connect our members with resources such as our Rapid Response and Outreach, Care Management, and COS teams.

Find out more about our Let Us Know program (PDF).

Community Health Educators

Community Health Educators are a group of associates who live and work in the communities we serve. Our associates work with physical health providers to schedule health screenings and provide education to our members in medical offices and clinics.

Community Health Educators work one-on-one with providers to identify members who have lapses in care with their annual well visits. These well visits include: Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) visits, well-child visits, lead screenings for children, annual dental visits, breast cancer screenings, cervical cancer screenings, diabetes A1C and microalbumin tests, and retinal eye exams. 

Once identified, these members are contacted by our internal Quality Outreach Team. An appointment is scheduled on a date mutually agreed upon by the provider’s office and the Community Health Educator. Members who attend the screening event receive member-specific educational materials explaining the importance of their visit.

To schedule an educational screening event at your medical office or clinic:

Contact the Manager of Quality Management