Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Resources

Behavioral health services, including all mental health, drug and alcohol services are provided by county-specific behavioral health plans.

Members may self-refer for behavioral health services. However, PCPs and other physical health care providers often need to recommend that a member access behavioral health services. 

Health care providers may call AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania Provider Services at 1-800-521-6007 whenever they need help referring a member for behavioral health services

Cooperation between network providers and the Behavioral Health Managed Care Organization/s (BH-MCO) is essential to assure members receive appropriate and effective care.

Network providers are required to:

  • Adhere to state and federal confidentiality guidelines for member medical records, including obtaining any required written member consents to disclose confidential mental health and drug and alcohol records.
  • Refer members to the appropriate BH-MCO, once a mental health or drug and alcohol problem is suspected or diagnosed.
  • To the extent permitted by law, participate in the appropriate sharing of necessary clinical information with the behavioral health provider including, if requested, all prescriptions the member is taking.
  • Be available to the behavioral health provider on a timely basis for consultation.
  • Participate in the coordination of care when appropriate.
  • Make referrals for social, vocational, educational, and human services when a need is identified through an assessment.
  • Refer to the behavioral health provider when it is necessary to prescribe a behavioral health drug, so that the member may receive appropriate support and services necessary to effectively treat the problem.

The BH-MCO provides access to diagnostic, assessment, referral, and treatment services including but not limited to:

  • Inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services
  • Inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol services (detoxification and rehabilitation)
  • EPSDT behavioral health rehabilitation services for members up to age 21

Provider training and education

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