Special Tests for Women

Whether you are a mother, daughter, wife, aunt, or sister- you mean a lot to your family. In order to be there and take care of them, you must keep yourself healthy. Just think, what would your family do if you were to get sick or they were to lose you?

There are important tests that women need to get during their lives. AmeriHealth Caritas encourages you to learn about what you need to do to keep yourself healthy and prevent any illness. The thought of going for a Pap test and/or a mammogram makes a lot of women feel very uneasy. Most women feel this way. But remember you are not alone.

Here is what you can expect:

Pap tests

  • Pap tests check for early signs of cervical cancer and other infections in your body.
  • During the test, the doctor will take cells from your cervix and vagina. This test only takes a couple of minutes. It may feel a bit uncomfortable to some but it does not hurt.
  • Women should get a Pap test every year after age 21 or when becoming sexually active.
  • Having this test done will help doctors prescribe treatment early enough to prevent cervical cancer or other illnesses from developing.


  • Mammograms check women for breast cancer.
  • During the test, an X-ray will be taken of your breasts to check for any cancerous lumps. This test does not hurt and will not cause any sickness.
  • Women should get a mammogram every year after age 40. Your doctor may want you to get a mammogram earlier. Talk to your doctor.
  • Only about 10% of women have to go for a follow-up test. Of that group, only a small amount end up having breast cancer. But it is better to be safe than sorry. When breast cancer is found early, treatment can be more successful.
  • Read directions on how to do a breast self-exam.

AmeriHealth Caritas covers mammograms for all women when it is ordered by the doctor. Pap tests are also covered for all women.

Finding and treating cancer early can save your life. Please stop and take the time to talk to your doctor about having these tests done. If you need help finding an AmeriHealth Caritas doctor, please go to Find a Provider or call Member Services at 1-888-991-7200.

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