Women's wellness initiative: Helping women live healthier

AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania has specially designed programs that address the spiritual, social, physical, mental and environmental health factors that affect the health of women. The women's wellness initiative focuses on prevention and treatment of heart disease, breast cancer, and cervical cancer.

The women's wellness initiative supports wellness empowerment fairs and includes educational workshops, free health screenings, heart healthy food, and vendors from the health and human service organizations. Recent fairs have been held in Harrisburg, Reading and Wilkes-Barre. Multiple health agencies in several counties participated in the fairs.

If you would like to partner with AmeriHealth Caritas to sponsor a women's wellness initiative in your area, please contact:
Lori McNew, Director, Quality and Community Outreach
Phone: 717-651-3559
E-mail: lmcnew@amerihealthcaritaspa.com